King Ajibade Passport EP An Electic Listen

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An Eclectic Listen!

I am always ecstatic to get the chance to hear something different musically that is not the “norm” we’re used to hearing on pop radio. I was very excited to get to check out King Ajibade’s Passport EP, which is due out next month on 2/17. King Ajibade is a Nigerian born artist who merges influences of Caribbean, Latin ,and African music. Is his EP worth a listen? Read on for my thoughts.

King Ajibade Passport EP Review

“Excuse Me Lady,” which opens the EP, is a really interesting opener. While I wasn’t what sure what to expect, what I heard was reminded me of a fusion of Wyclef Jean, 90s dance, and a modern world edge. I was totally into the song and immediately found myself wanting to get up and dance. Also, the repeated phrase of “Excuse me lady, I want to date you” was stuck in my head less than a minute in.
It was by complete irony I felt that the phrase from the opener was stuck in my head, as the second track is called “Stuck In My Head.” This song had more of an 80s/early 90s electronic sound sonically, but reminded me of the predecessor with the repeated phrasing and how it made you want to get up and dance. I also found myself giggling at the “She’s a sexy mother shut your mouth line.”
“Yeah,” which appears later on the EP, was another interesting track. This had a different sound in that it sounded like something I’d never heard before but in a good way. The merged cultural elements were definitely present here, and I enjoyed it.
Other songs on the EP include the reggae-esque “Island Girl,” and the enjoyable “Coming Around.”
Overall, with Passport, King Ajibade has crafted an eclectic listen that is definitely worth checking out!


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