Ajibade Created An Anthem For The Sexy Cougars! New Mr Dreamz Mag Feature!

There is a lack of «creative concepts» nowadays in black music… What is your opinion about it? I think some people just want to go with the trend rather than working harder to create good concepts that can last. Those who stay true to themselves as artist don’t always have the pathway to get it to the mainstream. Then there are artists who do not have creative control of their product. I think it’s good to stay true to your craft, because you have to live with it. If you plant a seed properly it will keep taking care of you years to come.

Talking about concepts, what is the one behind your video «Cougar Love»? Are you a cougar lover by the way? There are a lot of young guys that fantasize about older women, straight up! I’ve had a few experiences myself with cougars and there’s something very alluring about a strong, sexy, independent woman that draws young men to want to get closer. One day, I was driving in my car and listening to Howard Stern then I heard a commercial about cougarlife.com, I thought it was a joke so I pulled over and went to the website and was like, wow. So that’s where the whole concept began, I was already thinking about creating a theme song for the Sexy Mamas and it became Cougar Love. I came up with the track and brought in a fellow musician for the live base. We then released the song mid-2014 and shot a video for it, but the saga will continue.



Ajibade releases music video for new single ‘Waiting For You’

International music producer and singer, Ajibade, announces a new single and animated lyric music video for his remix of the song, “Waiting For You”. The song skillfully blends soulful R&B harmonies with contemporary hip-hop vibes and a touch of funk felt in the rhythmic bass lines. The end result is a fusion song that stands in a class of its own. The new release follows his 2014 EP, Bad Boy in Disguise, which contained the hit music video for his single, “Cougar Love”, which can be viewed here

The multi-faceted musician has a long history of traveling the world and making music dating back to his days singing in church and choir in junior high school. Evolving his style into that of a fusion musical producer in 2000, Ajibade now resides in Los Angeles where he produces music which incorporates everything from the heyday of pop nostalgia that he listened to growing up, to the popular and underground hip-hop of today. While working beside some of the best and biggest talent in the music industry, one of Ajabade’s most memorable experiences was producing with with Ann Tillman, the co-founder of Destiny’s Child. Ajibade has since worked with Oji Pierce, the producer for Montel Jordan, and Bushwick Bill in addition to numerous other underground artists and rising stars.

Ajibade is currently signed to 26th Element Records(https://www.26thelement.com) , which is distributed by Bungalo Records / Universal Music Group Distribution.



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